Club Philosophy

In the year 1976, graduates of the 50s and 60s classes formed the «Graduates Club of the Nautical School of Hydra».

However, they did not do just that.

They knew that such a Club without its own premises would not last long. They raised the money themselves and purchased the building at 19, Zaimi Street in Piraeus, where the Club is housed ever since.

Through the Club, graduate school mates keep contact and maintain their ties with the old school. Lectures, presentations and gatherings are organised to keep pace with developmets are bring together members of the shipping industries.

The major event, however, is our annual pilgrimage to the old school in Hydra. It is very touching to observe old sea men trying hard to hide their emotion while entering classes, the dormitories or the detention room, recalling their unforgettable years they had there.

To keep this alive we are now collecting stories our people have to tell about their school and sea life in a book which we hope will become a best seller.

Captain Yiorgos Petrolecas, a 1948 graduate, in charge for the club for life, has created an officers mess of an ocean going ship with excellent food and a very warm atmosphere. It is there that we gather for lunch every Thursday and would welcome everyone who loves sea and seafarers to join us.

The Graduate Club of the Nautical School of Hydra