The oldest Sea Masters School in World

In the year 1749 the school was founded and financed by citizens of Hydra and it was housed in St. Basil's church at kaminia.

Teachers, mainly Italians and Portuguese taught seamanship and foreign languages. We have very few names of those teachers. One was Pheliche Kazerta, an Italian from Palermo Sicily, who was navigation teacher from 1817 till 1821. During the Hellenic Revolution against Turks, he served on a Hydrean ship.

Another was Josef Kiappe, who in th beginning of the Revolution was secretary of the promonent Hydrean Anastasios Tsamados and later became editor of the newspapers «Friend of the Law» and «Abeile Greque».

In 1837, the government assigned in the Marine Schools of HYDRA, SYROS and NAFPLION special teachers for navigation and seamanship.

In 1927, the «Seamen Union of Hydra» took over the school and in 1931 by the law 4511 the school became public named «Merchant Marine School of Hydra».

In 1930, the school was housed in the building so generously offered by ship owners Tsamados and Koulouras, especially for this purpose and is functioning there ever since.

Only during World War II, the school moved to Athens and later in Castella ? Piraeus.

The first training vessel was the «Trehantiri» type «St.George», the second was «Electra» and the third is the magnificent, three masted, «Evgenios Evgenidis».

Till now more than 5.000 graduates from the Nautical School of Hydra became the spearhead of the unprecedented growth of the Hellenic Merchant Fleet.

The Graduate Club of the Nautical School of Hydra